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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the shelf life of an Elite Eating meal?

Our meals have a recommended shelf life of 1-3 day. The shelf life is limited as our meals and ingredients are All Natural & Preservative Free. You may also freeze your meals and they will remain good up to 1 month.

Order Quantity Recommendations?

To maximize the quality and freshness of your food we recommend you place an appropriate order size that is mindful of our foods limited shelf life of 1-3 days. We recommend ordering 3 days of food to receive on Wednesday and 4 days of food to receive on Saturday. However, you can choose to freeze your meals. Please note that freezing food sacrifices food quality, and our recommended freezing period is 1 month.  

How long should I heat up my meal?

Heating instructions are on the label of each meal. Meals containing eggs are typically good with a microwave time of 1.5 minutes.

How long does it take for you to complete my meals after payment?

Your order is prepared fresh the day it is available for pickup and or sent out for local delivery. If orders are placed within the deadline (Indicated by the countdown at the top of every page) your food will be prepared within the Wednesday or Saturday production day.

How does Pick-Up Work?

FREE PICKUP: We are currently only offer pickup on Wednesday & Saturday from 3 PM – 5PM at 3323 W 25Th St. Cleveland, OH 44109.  As a curtsey an Elite Eating team member will contact you as soon as your order is completed.

Failure to pickup will result in loss of shelf life & spoilage of food. Elite Eating will not responsible for failed pickups.

How are your meals delivered?

Your food will arrive in a temperature-controlled container with ice packs but are not rated for lengthy periods. Deliveries arrive between 5 pm – 9pm.

Elite Eating will not be liable for failed delivery attempts; appropriate contact, shipping and specific instruction (apartments numbers & access codes) must be provided and reviewed with each order. Customers are responsible for intercepting their food after deliver and should plan appropriately during the summer months.

**Downtown Cleveland residents are required to provide their building/apartment building name**

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we source our deliveries primarily FedEx home delivery service for areas determined to be outside of our local delivery coverage area. Shipping cost is $10 at an introductory rate, shipping cost may change due to but not limited to 3rd party shipping cost, material shipping cost and customer location.

Customer's order will arrive in temperature controlled shipping box with ice packs. Each meal will be individually shrink wrapped and sealed. 

Customers are responsible for providing an appropriate and valid shipping address with each order placed, the shipping address from the current order will be used. It the customer's responsibility to review the contact, shipping and billing information provided with each order. Elite Eating will NOT be liable under any circumstance for lost/failed deliveries due to an improper/incorrect addresses. The information provided with the current order will be used by Elite Eating to complete and deliver customer orders. 

Refund Policy & Order Cancelation

Because all meals are made-to-order, there is a no return policy, if you place an order and cancel the same day by the close of business, Elite Eating will honor the cancellation and refund your full order amount.  All cancellations requests must be sent to info@eliteeatingcle.com

What if I receive an incomplete or damaged order?

Each case is unique and we will handle each one individually. If this unfortunate and unlikely event happens to occur please contact us at info@eliteeatingcle.com.

Where does Elite Eating Deliver?

Elite Eating offers local delivery to residents of the greater Cleveland as well as surrounding suburbs. After creating an account, once items are placed in the cart, you will receive a notification if you are outside our local delivery area.

What is the local delivery charge?

$10, failure to provide an appropriate/valid delivery address and instructions (access code & apartment numbers) will result in loss of delivery fee and the food will return to location for pickup. Failed deliveries on Saturday will have to be picked up on Monday, our following business day. Elite Eating will not be liable for maintaining failed customer deliveries past 1 business day. 

Are any of your products gluten-free?

Yes, some of our products are gluten-free, however they are not made in a gluten-free facility. You can achieve gluten free meals through our custom meal builder; again, the meals are not made in a gluten-free facility.

How do I cancel/pause or edit a subscription?

All requests must be sent to info@eliteeatingcle.com

When am I charged for my recurring subscription?

The subscription order payments are processed on the day before or of production, if payment is declined your order will not be completed. If you would like to cancel (Pause) your subscription you must do so before by the production deadline (countdown times I located at the top of each page).

If you have any additional questions please contact us at info@eliteeatingcle.com